Johnny Appleseed
John Chapman b. 1774 Massachusetts

This page is the home for articles previously published about the famous Johnny Appleseed.




February 1988 Johnny Appleseed Originally published in Chapman Chatter #19. A nine page detailed article, compiled by CFA Member Gil Alford, covering known information about John Chapman from his birth to death. An old file done with dot-matrix printer and non-proportional font that had to be scanned to pdf thus creating a very large file.
January 1997 The Serendipity of Kaleidoscopes by Jean Snow and John Chapman AKA Johnny Appleseed Two short column pieces from CFAQ #8, The CFA Quarterly published January 1997.  Part appears to have come from CFA Member Leonard B. Chapman.
Fall 2003 John Chapman a. k. a. "Johnny Appleseed" A reprint of an article that first appeared 1953 in the Ashtabula Star-Beacon submitted by CFA Member Mike Morgan.


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