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Throughout this site you will find instructions to contact "cfa@chapmanfamilies.org." Because of an overload of spam that address has been discontinued. Revisions are underway. In the meantime and instead, please refer to the CONTACT US page and select an address from it.


  • About the CFA (Chapman Family Assn.)
    The history, purpose, By-Laws, Board members and Officers.





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    A list of Genealogy Resources. They can be free, membership, or a combination of free/membership.


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    CFA Quarterly indexes and related publications.





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    Check here for inquiries of individuals and families.


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    Thank you Debra for putting us on FaceBook!  You will need an account with FaceBook to access this site.  You can set up your account so ONLY you will see it!  A link that will provide some screen shots that will help if you want your FaceBook page so "only you" will see it is coming.  Stay Tuned. 

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While maximum effort has been made to rid data on this site from error the effort was not 100% successful. The information has been collected by and from CFA members and many other secondary sources. The data does contain error and many omissions. Therefore users should take the information only as a clue as to where to find the primary record and the proof required for good genealogical research.


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